There are several things to take into consideration so that the instrument lasts longer and keeps sounding good and looking good. We offer anyone who buys our instrument a free tuning, i.e. over time, if it gets out of tune, we can tune it again for free. However, in case of carelessness and accidents, re-tuning will have a cost, which will depend on the damage. You can hand deliver the instrument in our workshop or send it by mail (the shipping cost is at the expense of the buyer).

So let's get down to the basics:

  • Never let any unexperienced person play without first teaching them to be careful, such as not hitting too hard (this can be enough to make a note out of tune. Playing with drumbeats can also get out of tune easily.
  • Do not leave the instrument in the sun (or, for example, in the car on a very hot day), just as do not playing in direct sunlight. The sun heats up the instrument very quickly and playing with it hot can also cause it to get out of tune; although this is not very easy, it can happen. In case of overheating, you have to let it cool down before playing it again. The cold does not affect it as much, however, it should not be exposed to or played in extreme temperatures.
  • Do not leave the instrument exposed to very high humidity for a long time (stainless steel instruments are not so affected by this problem). Although the instruments nowadays have a treatment against oxidation (called nitriding), this may not be enough if the instrument is exposed to this kind of aggression for several years...
  • Playing on beaches and by the sea also needs some attention, due to the humidity and the sea air... After playing, it is advisable to wipe with a microfibre cloth (used only for the instrument) with alcohol. You can also use another cloth (microfibras cloth that you use only for the instrument, different from the other one) to wipe it with coconut oil or Phoenix Oil liquid (
  • Clean the instrument regularly. Our hands get grease, even if they are not dirty. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the instrument once a month or 3 to 4 times every 2 months (depending on whether it is in a more or less humid environment). In the case of nitrided steel, before applying coconut oil or Phoenix Oil, it is advisable to wipe it with alcohol (using different cloths and periodically washing the cloths).
  • Great attention is required when transporting the instrument, especially when it comes to the note part. A fall or a hard blow can make the metal out of tune and even dent it. So we advise you to make your own carrying case or buy one - there are several options, we recommend HTC ( e Namana Bags ( It is important not to leave the instrument in the case for long periods of time. There are ways to hang it on the wall or you can simply leave it on the floor on a cloth.
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