About Mar Handpan

Located in Portugal in the area of Santarém. Initially, Ricardo and Maria started the discovery with the goal of building their own instruments and currently accept the challenge of building instruments even the most complex requests.

In February 2017, Maria Ferreira and Ricardo Azul, got together on the outskirts of Santarem to create their own instruments and thus began the adventure of building handpans.

Then the brand Mar Handpan was created, made from rolled shells (on special orders we can make them in pressed shells), 1mm thick, 55cm in diameter, 26.5cm high, and 4kg in weight, which can be in nitrided steel, stainless steel, or titanium steel, and tuned at 440hz or 432hz.

Meet the manufacturers

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Ricardo Azul

Handpan maker

Passionate about music for as long as he can remember existing. In 2010 he held his first meditative concerts. Together with Joana Oliveira he developed the meditative music project Planeta Azul, together they edited the CD "Harmonia" in 2013, in 2014 "Viagem Interior" and in 2016 "Água". In 2017 meets Maria and together they start building their first instruments. In 2019 he started to organize the Portugal Handpan Festival.

Maria Ferreira

Handpan maker

Born in 1967, holistic therapist. Passionate about handpan, in one of her meditative therapies, she wished one day to have a handpan. In 2016 she started to build her 1st tongue drum instrument, following for a year building this instrument for friends and also therapists. In January 2017 in a meditation she receives a message that the following month she would start building handpans. In February, Ricardo, whom she had met a few months earlier, challenges her to build handpans together. They continue together in this constant discovery.

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Find out your scale

When we talk about scales, we are talking about a complexity of sounds and note combinations... This can be the most complex part when choosing an instrument. However, there are scales that vibrate more with us, with our energy, and by listening to the different scales we can find the one we like the most.

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